North Oakland Backyard

North Oakland Backyard

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Project Summary

This complete back yard renovation in North Oakland was ten years in the making, with the first and largest phase happening in 2004 and the last part, the deck, being constructed in 2014.  Adele and Sudi our one of the clients we've worked with the longest, hiring us at various times over the past eleven years.  This is probably the most creative yard we've ever been a part of, in no small part of Adele and Sudi's imaginations and hard work.

Back in 2004 we scraped almost the entire yard and amended the soil where all the planter beds were to be located.  We built many dry stack rock walls to dilineate the landscape beds, lawn and hardscape areas with a brown ledgestone.  The plants were designed, procured and planted by Vee Horticulture.  Most plants are drought tolerant and many exotic and unusual.

In 2010, we cut, fit and installed irregular flagstones in all the areas that we laid decomposed granite earlier as a phasing process.  There are a lot of elements in the garden with creative reuse of everyday items; painted chimney flues, doll heads, fish lures, marbles, tableware and unusual pottery.

In 2014, we built the final element to connect their newly remodeled kitchen (by Wolfe, Inc.) with the back yard.  This is a new deck and stairs, with composite decking, redwood railings with utility panel infill.  Lastly, we designed and built a custom awning over the new French doors.