North Berkeley Bathroom Remodel

North Berkeley Bathroom Remodel

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Project Summary

After raising their family in this house, the homeowners are preparing for a new life stage as empty nesters. The master bathroom was last remodeled in the 1980’s by the previous owners and is in desperate need of a makeover. The wife has been diagnosed with slow-progressing multiple sclerosis and the current bathroom does not meet her accessibility needs. The goal of this project is to create a comfortable, safe, accessible and attractive master bathroom that will meet the needs of the homeowners for the next 10-15 years until they downsize. 

Special Features:

- Two recessed medicine cabinets, each with an outlet and mirrored interior, provide ample storage above the counter. 

- The double-sink vanity has six spacious drawers to replace the linen closet that was eliminated to expand the shower and can comfortably accommodate two people at the same time. 

- The shower is designed for convenience, comfort and safety with recessed niches, low-flow rain shower head, and grab bars, lever-style plumbing fixtures to help address accessibility needs and has a heated bench and floor. 

- The heated bench is positioned next to a grab bar which doubles as a slide bar for an adjustable hand shower 

- The wall-mounted faucet saves counter space allowing for a larger, integrated sink 

- The wall-mounted toilet is positioned at a comfortable height for both the husband and wife with a paper holder that is easily accessible.